THE HERBO RITUAL GUIDE: Secrets to a More Radiant You

THE HERBO RITUAL GUIDE: Secrets to a More Radiant You

The secret to a more radiant you is in your rituals.

What rituals, you may ask. We believe any day-to-day activity can be transformed into a ritual with a little awareness, time, and intention.

What comes to mind when you think of...




Are they just routine, or a practice in celebrating and honoring your body?

Our bodies work hard to keep us going, and it’s about time we return the favor.

Not to mention a little bit of love goes a long way.

Here are our top seven secrets to elevating your routine into a self-love ritual that will have your skin emanating that healthy glow and shining more radiantly than ever.

rituals for radiance


1. Take your time giving your body the love it deserves. Intention is so much more powerful when we are fully present. Infuse intention into putting on your lotion after the shower, feel it blending into and nourishing your skin. Allow it to set and your skin to soak up all the nutrients before getting dressed. Remember self-care can be as simple as carving out an extra few minutes for “me, myself and I."


2. After your bath or shower, tap into your senses a little deeper with our invigorating hemp-infused menthol body balm. Our skin loves a little more than just lotion to deeply hydrate, stimulate, and fortify the moisture barrier, and to protect it throughout the day. Taking the time to fully blend products into your skin:

        • makes the products more effective by reaching deeper skin layers
        • ensures that you experience the full benefits of these skin rejuvenating herbal elements

    3. Make your bath & body time technology free. Creating space to truly let go, tune out and relax is the ultimate way to slow down our nervous system, breathe deeper and give our body the opportunity to process, heal and feel reinvigorated. All key ingredients to a healthy body and radiant skin.

    4. Soak it up - Restoration is yours for the taking. Just light some candles, grab a good book and aromatic bath salts and you’re well on your way to a more relaxed, revived, and radiant you. Soaking in a bath for 20 minutes is excellent for:

          • detoxing and cleansing the body
          • relieving muscle tension
          • releasing stress and calming the nervous system


      5. After your shower or bath practice Abhyanga, Ayurvedic self-massage, with your favorite body oil. Massaging the skin...

          • increases circulation
          • stimulates organ function
          • helps your body release stored toxins and cleanse 
          • relieves muscle tension which in turn provides stress relief and better sleep


      6. Indulge in aromatherapy. Lavender and rose, two elements of our signature fragrance, are well known for their ability to relax and revive the body and the mind. Deep breaths while applying your body butter is the perfect way to reconnect your mind and body, and HERBO’s earthy elements of cypress and sandalwood will have you feeling more grounded.


      7. Elevate your skin care with hemp. Hemp is a powerful plant with many benefits to the body, especially the skin. It is rich in essential fatty acids (omega-3s + omega-6s) that are not naturally produced by the body. These are vital to skin health and aid in balancing skin pH.

      It’s easy to lose touch with our bodies in the hum of our hectic world and to let self-love and self-care fall by the wayside. Strong self-care practices and intention in eliminating stress, both physical and mental, directly affects the health of our bodies, especially the skin. Integrate these practices to tap back in, and feel more connected and radiant than ever.