From Routine to Ritual: Abhyanga + the Benefits of Self-massage

From Routine to Ritual: Abhyanga + the Benefits of Self-massage

"Abhyanga" the Ayurvedic practice of self-massage may very well be the ultimate ritual for radiance.


From Ancient Egypt and Greece to modern day religions and wellness communities, plant oils have been revered for their health benefits both around the world and throughout human history. Abhyanga is a Sanskrit term and practice of heating oils such as sesame oil, and slowly, consciously massaging them into the skin, often in directed movements believed to promote detox and energy flow.


Who can Abhyanga self-massage help? Absolutely everyone. As a practice, even once a week, Abhyanga can have powerful healing and releasing properties that would be beneficial to any human body. However, you may want to consider a regular Abhyanga practice if you experience:


  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Depression
  • Disassociation or not feeling grounded


Abhyanga is an excellent way to relieve stress and reinstate a strong body + mind connection, by creating space for you to be truly present and feel into your physical wellbeing or where you may need to release tension.


Self-massage with plant-based body oils also provides many physical benefits, including:


  • Assisting in detoxing our body’s largest organ, the skin
  • Releasing tension from our muscles and joints
  • Promoting youthful, healthy, more radiant skin


In Ayurveda it’s also believed to stimulate the flow of energy or “Prana” throughout the body, enhancing the many systems that help us heal and feel an overall heightened sense of wellbeing.


The existence of any mystical qualities of body oils and massage as believed by the Ancient Egyptians and other cultures may remain forever a mystery. However, practicing Abhyanga as a ritual proves to be immensely beneficial to our physical and mental bodies and undoubtedly a powerful expression of self-love and self-care.